Dear Supporters, 


Hello everyone, when I first set out to start my own company my main goal was to live off my art. I wanted to be able to merchandise my own creations in an artistic manner. I've always had the impression that even though someone loves your artwork they won't always buy a piece you have hanging in a gallery somewhere. By making my art wearable everyone can have their very own piece of it. With time, Dewy Neo has grown to become more than just one man's vision. It has grown into a platform for other artists to expand their reach. All of the merchandise we produce is printed by us in the city of Hartford, CT. I take tremendous pride in representing the great city that has molded me. One of my main goals will always be to produce artwork that expresses my culture. Both the Taino and Hip Hop cultures mean a great deal to me. They will always be a dominant theme in my artwork. Only through your support will I be continue to be successful. All the love and support means the world to me and I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for all of you. 

Peace and Love,